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Oh Buoy! PNNL Researchers Dive into Data Delivered from New Jersey Coast

Wind behavior and variable data will help industry identify most productive offshore wind locations

October 2018

Before offshore turbines can be deployed to harness wind energy, researchers must answer important questions—such as how much wind energy a turbine can capture at certain offshore sites. To help answer this question, DOE's Wind Energy Technologies Office commissioned PNNL to deploy two research buoys off the New Jersey and Virginia coasts.

Turbines in Terrain: Wind Forecasting Study Completed in Columbia Gorge

PNNL one of four national labs that helped generate one of the most comprehensive data sets collected in complex terrain

October 2018

To improve wind forecast accuracy, DOE's Wind Energy Technologies Office funded the second Wind Forecast Improvement Project (WFIP2). This combined modeling and field study was designed to improve forecasts in areas of complex terrain, where wind circulation and flow make predictability especially challenging. In March 2017, the WFIP2 team completed the field phase in the Columbia Basin.

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