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December 2014

Buoy Splashes Down in Virginia for Offshore Wind Project

Wind power-producing potential precisely evaluated at sea sites

December 2014

Back in September, PNNL told you about the big splash made by two 20,000 pound scientific buoys purchased by DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy and commissioned by PNNL in Sequim, in the northern Puget Sound of Washington state. After a successful test deployment off of Dungeness Spit, PNNL researchers retrieved the buoys and dismantled them for transport to their official bi-coastal locations for offshore wind demonstration projects.

One buoy traveled via truck across country, reaching its destination of Virginia Beach, Virginia in early November. After reassembling the buoy, obtaining the requisite environmental permits, and waiting for the weather to cooperate, the buoy was launched off of the coast on December 12.

The second buoy is destined for deployment near Coos Bay, Oregon. To learn more about the buoys and their measurement capabilities, read the PNNL News Release.

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