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We contribute to broad, wind energy related programs for the U.S. Department of Energy. They include the Atmosphere to Electrons Initiative (A2e), managed by Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy's Wind Energy Technologies Office, the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Climate Research Facility, managed by the U.S. Office of Science's Office of Biological and Environment Research, and Tethys, managed by PNNL.


A2e aims to develop knowledge and technology needed to optimize the electrical power production of wind plants at the plant level. Part of our work involving A2e includes the Data Archive and Portal (DAP) used to disseminate results from the efforts conducted under the A2e initiative.


The ARM Climate Research Facility is the world's premier ground-based observations facility advancing climate change research. A multi-laboratory, DOE scientific user facility with atmospheric observatories around the world, ARM collects measurements that help scientists study the effects and interactions of clouds and aerosols and their impact on the earth's energy balance. ARM observation data helps improve the understanding of climate processes and their representation in climate models. Notably, broad atmospheric and climate science expertise developed at PNNL through the ARM program over more than two decades has enabled PNNL to readily address the boundary layer and data management needs of wind energy.


PNNL supports the U.S. Department of Energy's Wind Energy and Water Power Technologies Offices by managing Tethys. The primary functions of Tethys are twofold:

  • To facilitate the exchange of information and data on the environmental effects of wind and marine renewable energy technologies; and
  • To serve as a commons for wind and marine renewable energy practitioners and therefore enhance the connectedness of the renewable energy community as a whole.

The growing body of content in Tethys is actively collected and curated by researchers at PNNL from a variety of sources. Members of the community are also encouraged to contribute to Tethys by identifying documents not yet in the collection.

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